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45 Degree Bevelled Edgebanding

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We are now open to accept edging your melamine board. 

45degree bevelled edge 

Please see below for pricing:

Edging work options as per below:

600mm length and below

with using our ABS edging tape ( white/black  ) - $5.5 +GST each piece

using your own edging tape - $5 +GST each piece


601mm length and above

with using our ABS edging tape (white/black) - $8.5 +GST each piece

using your own edging tape - $8 +GST each piece

(we will charge extra start up fee if less than 30 pieces )


Some notes to mention

1) Please provide your own edge tape/s with sufficient amount of lengths. We only provide ABS in black or white with additional fee. Please refer to the price listed above.

2) We are edging the boards as how it is received.

Please also remember to provide extra board for testing/1-2 pcs.

3) Tell us your selection of below options:

Due to the style of the "edge finishing"

(the very corner-edge line at both end I-----I )

    Option (1) 

For example, you would have to decide if you edge the other 3 straightedge sides initially, followed by then sending in the board for us to process it to become the 45 degree bevelled edge (leave that particular edge in square shape). 

    Option (2)

Sending in the plain board without any straight edging being done (Leave all 4 sides in square and in plain edge/wihtout edge tape sticked on).  

Please do the marking on which side to become the 45degree bevelled edge.

By then, you take back the board and do the other 3 sides edging after the 45degree bevelled egde has already been done.

    Options (3) (The complexity)

Additonal labour fee is applicable as it takes time to adjust the machine to fit that required (special) angle i.e. for angle that is other than the 45degree.