Dust Collection Hose 50mm to 350mm (PVC, PU)

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Made from high quality PVC and PU for durability, strength and easy installation

Ultra flexible hose reinforced with spring steel wire delivers toughness and maoeuvrability

Perfect for any clear vie dust collection system - allowing you to monitor dust / denris separation and vapour / smoke filtration

Ideal for an assortment of sawdust collectors, air conditioning indoor ventilation ducts and dust collection systems for woodworking applications



2" (50 mm) PVC

4" (100mm) PVC

5" (125 mm) PVC

2" (50 mm) PU

3" (80 mm) PU

4" (100 mm) PU

6" (150 mm) PU

8" (200 mm) PU

14" (350 mm) PU