Aaron ERM-I - End Rounding Machine

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SInce 2005, the Aaron ERM-I is the world's original End / Corner Rounding Machine. Starting out in a small garage in St Marys, NSW, we invented, designed and built this product in-house and it is fully backed by our parts, labour and replacement warranty. 

This machine is mainly used for rounding the corner, banded after the general edge banding and cutting the excess of the edge band.

Main characteristics:
Small, efficient, inexpensive, reliable and simple operation.

Technical data:
Motor speed: 24000 rpm
Motor power: 350w
Voltage: 220v-240v
Panel thickness: 55mm
Frequency: 50-60hz
Working air pressure: 4-6kg/cm2
Overall dimensions: 580×460×415mm
Net weight: 27kg